Solidago odora - sweet goldenrod
Solidago odora - sweet goldenrod

Solidago odora - sweet goldenrod

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Interesting fragrant goldenrod for native plant gardens that works well in borders, cottage gardens or butterfly gardens or even herb gardens.


Solidago odora, sometimes referred to as fragrant goldenrod, can be easily identified by its anise-scented leaves which can be used in teas.  Plants grow to 2-4’ tall with plume-like clusters of yellow, daisy-like flowers that bloom in August-September and are attractive to bees and butterflies.

"Named for the licorice fragrance given off by the leaves when crushed, the dense spires of golden-yellow flowers provide a burst of late-season color."   Prairie Nursery

Height:  2 to 4ft

Sun:  Full sun to part shade

Water:  Dry to medium

Bloom Color:   Yellow

Bloom Time:  August and September