Phlox x 'Violet Pinwheels'

Phlox x 'Violet Pinwheels'

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A low, ground-hugging phlox that blooms violet, pinwheel-shaped flowers in early spring. 'Violet Pinwheels' is a beautiful moss phlox hybrid from Dr. Jim Ault and Chicagoland Grows. The habit is low and similar to Phlox subulata, but the flowers are a bright violet, a color hard to find in the subulatas. The petals are large and finely notched, resembling their "Pinwheel" name.

"This exciting new color option would look excellent in rock gardens and around garden paths. Needs good drainage." - Pleasant Run Nurseries

Height: 6"

Sun: Sun

Water: Medium to dry

Bloom color: Violet

Bloom time: March, April