Heuchera villosa - Hairy alum root

Heuchera villosa - Hairy alum root

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A great groundcover, drought-resistant plant with plume-like flower spikes and graceful, maple-like, hairy, basal foliage.

Heuchera villosa is a low mounding evergreen wildflower with light green maple-like foliage tinted with bronze or purple.  Plants thrive in moist rich woods in shade to part sun and are native to New York.   Its late summer, early fall flowers are displayed on rust-colored stalks.   It's a low spreading plant that works well as ground cover.  Attracts hummingbirds and bees for its nectar.

"This is a shade-tolerant heuchera that may be grown in rock gardens, borders, open woodland gardens, rocky slopes or native plant areas. It is best planted in groups or massed."  Missouri Botanical Garden

Height: 1 to 2 ft

Sun: Full sun to full shade

Water: Medium

Bloom color: White

Bloom time: July to Sept