Eurybia divaricata - white wood aster

Eurybia divaricata - white wood aster

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A must in a woodland garden, this lovely aster is amongst the first to bloom in the fall and its white flowers are particularly impressive poking through other plantings.

Eurybia divaricata is native to Eastern U.S. and grows in the wild in dry open woods. It has distinctive heart shaped leaves and abundant but small yellow/white flowers that bloom in late summer to early fall and are very attractive to butterflies.  It does well in open shade gardens, native plant gardens or cottage gardens.

"This is probably Connecticut's most common aster of shady places. It often grows as a volunteer in gardens; a favorite location is the base of hedges."  Connecticut Botanical Society

Height:            1 to 2 1/2ft

Sun:                 Full shade to part shade

Water:              Dry to Medium

Bloom Color:   White with yellow to red centers

Bloom Time:    August to September