Chamaecrista fasciculata - partridge pea

Chamaecrista fasciculata - partridge pea

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A popular showy long-flowering ornamental annual that is perfect for native gardens and can improve soil fertility.

Chamaecrista fasciculate, commonly known as partridge pea, is a showy yellow annual flower in the legume family that typically grows to 1-3’ tall.  It blooms from late June to September and its seed pods are popular with birds.   The plants themselves provide cover for game birds and their flowers a good source of nectar for bees and butterflies.

"The Partridge Pea is quite attractive in regards to both its foliage and flowering habit, providing quick bloom during the first year of a wildflower garden."  Illinois Wildflowers

Height:            1 to 3ft

Sun:                 Full sun

Water:              Dry to Medium

Bloom Color:   Yellow

Bloom Time:    June to September