Baptisia australis - Blue False Indigo

Baptisia australis - Blue False Indigo

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Blue false indigo (Baptisia australis) is a native American beauty with standout striking indigo blue flowers on an upright shrubby form.

Baptisia australis, commonly called blue false indigo, is an upright perennial with purple flowers that look similar to lupines.  They have beautiful bluish-green leaves that resemble clover petals.  It blooms in late spring and works well in borders, cottage gardens, and native plant gardens particularly when used in small groups. Its flowers become seed pods that turn charcoal black when ripe and have an ornamental interest.

"Seeds rattle around in the blackened pods which were once popularly used by children as rattles."  Missouri Botanical Garden

Height:  3 to 4ft

Sun:  Full sun to part shade

Water:  Dry to medium

Bloom Color:   Indigo blue

Bloom Time:  May to June