Cornus amomum - Dogwood
Cornus amomum - Dogwood

Cornus amomum - Dogwood

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Silky dogwood is great for attracting all kinds of birds late summer and would work well in damp yards/locations where its hard to find plants that do well.

Medium-sized deciduous shrub most common in moist lowland areas. Sometimes referred to as "silky dogwood" because the underside of the leaves has silky hairs.  Blooming in late spring-early summer it has very small yellow/white flowers which are followed by berry-like blue/purple fruits that ripen in late summer.

"Bluish white fruit is an important food source for migrating birds"  American Beauties - Native Plants

Height: 6 - 12ft

Sun: Full sun to partial shade

Water: Medium to wet

Bloom color: Yellowish white

Bloom time: May to June