Lobelia cardinalis - cardinal flower

Lobelia cardinalis - cardinal flower

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Lobelias are not true perennials because the flowering stem and roots die after setting seed.  It is, however, a beautiful wildflower that competes well with sedges and grasses and other wildflowers.

Lobelia cardinalis or cardinal flower grows in moist locations and is a clump-forming perennial with large cardinal red flowers in late summer.  Its flowers are very attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds, but not cardinals. White and rose-colored forms are also known.

"If you are fond of red and have a moist open spot, you owe it to yourself to grow this plant".  Growing and Propagating Wildflowers, William Cullina

Height: 2-4 ft

Sun: Full Sun to partial shade

Water: Medium to wet

Bloom color: Red

Bloom time: July to September